99.9% Availability

Our data centre servers ensure 99.9% availability for all our VPS hosting services. In addition, you can contact us anytime as we have 24/7 technical support available to help you with any problems you may encounter.

Unmetered Bandwidth

In the intricate realm of file transfers between websites, bandwidth serves as the essential capacity. Unmetered Data Flow signifies an unrestrained environment, where your server operates without constraints, enabling limitless and boundless data transfer.

HostMaze Cloud Servers

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24/7 Support

Our unwavering support is perpetually available! With dedicated in-house engineers, we assure around-the-clock assistance. Anticipate a swift response; we prioritize your queries for a prompt and seamless resolution!

Eco-Friendly Datacenter

Powered entirely by renewable energy from photovoltaic cell panels, our facility is committed to sustainability. With lowered operational costs, we offer services at the most competitive prices, aligning environmental responsibility with affordability.

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Customized Hosting Solutions to Fit Your Every Need!

Explore Cloud VPS, OpenVZ Servers, Web Hosting, and Dedicated Servers, each crafted for unique performance benefits.

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS, KVM VPS, VPS hosting

A Cloud VPS operates seamlessly like a dedicated server. Equipped with a dedicated kernel and exclusive resources, it delivers superior performance for both Linux and Windows hosting environments.

starting at €3 /month

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is the embodiment of performance. With its dedicated resources and robust infrastructure, it provides an unparalleled hosting experience for both Windows and Linux, meticulously customized for your unique needs.

starting at €99 /month

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Web Hosting

Shared Hosting, Web Hosting, cPanel Hosting

Shared Hosting, the preferred choice for for website hosting without the added cost of a cPanel license, provides an intuitive platform for effortless website management without the hassle of complex configurations.

starting at €2 /month

Price List

All our Cloud VPS hosting plans include the following features:

Instant Cloud VPS Deployment

Experience swift setup with our VPS hosting services. The automated system efficiently processes your payment and initiates the VPS deployment, typically completed in less than 5 minutes once all criteria are verified.

DDoS Protection Cloud Servers

We leverage advanced hardware equipment to identify and counter potential attacks on your hosting server. Our DDoS Protection is adept at recognizing and mitigating even the most intricate attacks, guaranteeing robust security for your hosting environment.

Virtualizor Control Panel

Our Cloud VPS servers are managed through the user-friendly Virtualizor control panel. Effortlessly initiate, stop, reboot, change reverse DNS, backup / restore and modify key settings within your VPS for a seamless hosting experience.

We Allow: VPNs, IRC Servers, Tor Nodes, Tunneling (GRE) and Torrents on any of our Cloud VPS hosting services. / all ports are opened

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