Our Datacenter

About Avolo Telecom

Avolo is a leading Internet Infrastructure and ICT company

  • Avolo Telecom currently supply services to some of the largest public sector organizations especially within the education sector, in the UK and other countries through all Europe. Drawing on their commitment to quality & security, which is proved in their ISO certifications they are best placed to be able to create a tailored solution that works for you.
  • Our resilient European network has been built from scratch to provide the very highest levels of resiliency, traffic capacity and the lowest possible route latency. All Points-of-Presence (POPs) on the network are built on the latest generation of Cisco routing equipment. Regional backhaul is generally carried over private dark fibre, with our international backbone consisting of multiple dedicated 10Gigabit wavelength circuits from various cable operators.


Connectivity with the most prestigious providers in the world, both externally and internally.

NSfocus DDoS Protection

M247 Europe provides a DDoS protection solution based on a NSFOCUS technology.

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