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Hostmaze was founded in July 2006 to provide a simplistic & reliable approach to Linux VPS Hosting. Backed by over 10 years of experience in multiple areas of the hosting industry we know how to monitor our entire network to ensure that our customers experience is 100% satisfactory with outstanding connectivity world-wide. Our aim is to provide a reliable platform that is inexpensive while still providing a service that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Simplifying Virtual Server Hosting

We strive to simplify VPS for our users so that they can focus on their websites. Hostmaze proudly plays the role of a reliable technology partner, serving your personal and professional VPS needs in the best way possible. Whether it’s leveraging first-rate SSD technology or providing excellent customer service, we excel at everything related to our VPS solutions.

Excelling at VPS Technology

As a dynamic and efficient VPS provider, we pool system resources and assign them dynamically. Our focus on SSD technology is part of our philosophy of excelling at one technology but still offering SATA drives for more space. We match this philosophy and focus with hard work and intelligent management on delivering the best for both SSD&SATA-based VPS solutions to every single client. At Hostmaze, we’re committed to providing an unparalleled level of honesty and excellence in the virtual server hosting industry.

Ensuring High Quality Customer Service

Customer service is always a high priority at Hostmaze. As our client, you will encounter caring, supportive and knowledgeable customer representatives. You can discuss your needs with our well-trained staff and trust them to work closely with you and guide you to choosing the VPS plan ideal for you, not us. This helps you get the best value for money. In addition to the friendly sales staff that you meet, there are many professionals working behind the scenes and for one goal: delivering the best VPS solution to you.

You can also review our FAQ page to find helpful answers to common, pertinent questions regarding our VPS and VPS in general.

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