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OpenVZ SSD –  Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) – Plans and Pricing

An OpenVZ VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a dynamic virtualization solution that optimizes resources for a cost-effective hosting experience. OpenVZ utilizes container-based virtualization, enabling multiple virtual environments to run on a single physical server while sharing the same kernel.

At Hostmaze, our OpenVZ VPS services provide a flexible and budget-friendly hosting solution. Benefit from shared resources, efficient performance, and quick deployment. With Root access (SSH), you have control over your virtual server, allowing you to configure and customize it to suit your specific needs.

CPU server model: Dual Xeon(R) E5-2680
Bandwidth: Unmetered Traffic Bandwidth
Uptime: 99.99% Guarantee Uptime
Port: 1Gbps Port Speed
Backups: Free Daily VPS Backup with Restore
IPs: 1 Dedicated IPv4 and /112 IPv6
1 Core 512 MB 512 MB 25 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €4 Order Now
2 Cores 1 GB 1 GB 30 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €6 Order Now
2 Cores 2 GB 2 GB 35 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €10 Order Now
3 Cores 4 GB 4 GB 40 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €18 Order Now
3 Cores 8 GB 8 GB 60 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €28 Order Now
4 Cores 12 GB 12 GB 80 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €35 Order Now
4 Cores 16 GB 16 GB 100 GB SSD Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gb/s €40 Order Now
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All our OpenVZ VPS hosting plans include the following features:

Instant Cloud VPS Deployment

Experience swift setup with our VPS hosting services. The automated system efficiently processes your payment and initiates the VPS deployment, typically completed in less than 5 minutes once all criteria are verified.

Virtualizor Control Panel

Our Cloud VPS servers are managed through the user-friendly Virtualizor control panel. Effortlessly initiate, stop, reboot, change reverse DNS, backup / restore and modify key settings within your VPS for a seamless hosting experience.

DDoS Protection Cloud Servers

We leverage advanced hardware equipment to identify and counter potential attacks on your hosting server. Our DDoS Protection is adept at recognizing and mitigating even the most intricate attacks, guaranteeing robust security for your hosting environment.

rDNS Panel

Take control of your server’s Reverse DNS effortlessly with our dedicated panel, catering to both IPv4 and IPv6 configurations. No more waiting for support tickets – manage your rDNS seamlessly. Explore further details on our FAQ page.

OpenVZ VPS Available OS

Increase the versatility of your OpenVZ SSD VPS with our exclusive OS templates. Effortlessly install and reinstall your choice of operating system from a selection that includes: CentOS 7, CentOS 8, Debian 10, Debian 11, Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20, Ubuntu 22.


Key networking features such as TUN/TAP, PPP, L2TP, and NAT are essential for tunneling and routing purposes. These capabilities provide advanced functionality for diverse networking needs. If your sole intention is web hosting, you don’t need these options.

We Allow: VPNs, IRC Servers, Tor Nodes, Tunneling (GRE) and Torrents on any of our OpenVZ VPS hosting services. / all ports are opened

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