When shared hosting is no longer enough for your current needs and a dedicated server is too expensive or too complex to maintain, a virtual private server becomes the obvious and go-to solution. Unfortunately, when choosing a VPS for your needs, the situation is not that black or white.

There are a few factors you need to take into consideration before you order a VPS such as the operating system, type of virtualization, flexibility and so on. We have created a few possible situations that might help and make your decision easier.

Disk Size Increase

Fast disk resize

Running on a host operating system, on a LXC container you can resize the virtual disk without an OS reboot and the changes will take place immediately.

Full disk resize

Because the KVM is a fully virtualized machine, the virtual disk can be resized with great ease, but a VPS reboot will be required in order for the changes to take place.

Rebootless Upgrades

Easy upgrades

Being able to upgrade your disk, memory or the number of cores on your VPS without any reboots needed, we strongly recommend this type of VPS when dealing with critical operations and downtime is not possible.

Reboots needed

When dealing with disk, CPU or memory upgrades on a KVM VPS, you have to take into consideration that a reboot will be needed in order for the upgrades to be seen by the system.

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